Thanksgiving Recovery and Ann Arbor Babywearers 11-30-10

Sunday we went to a leftovers potluck, (well I did) Mostly to help Katie and Lucy get comfy in a carrier and to see my dear sweet mommy friends. Here is Gillian our lovely hostess, wrapping a falling asleep Kalila in her new ec Pamir.

The perfect positioning in this pic, may make it into my brochure someday!!

Katie grabbed a toddler-petite Kinderpack and a Scootababy for using with Lucy. It is my feeling that the 3 pieced body of these carriers will help keep pressure off of Lucy's healing Abdomen.

She looks pretty comfy to me! But a bit camera shy. . . . 🙂

Tuesday at Ann Arbor Babywearers, We talked alot about ringslings. I got to wear this sweet little dude in my new old rainbow girasol.

Here is his mamma, who loves rainbows, in Earthy rainbow ringsling. 🙂

Pretty much everybody with a bitty baby tried ringslinging out. This is one of the groups slings by Sleeping Baby Productions.

Leslie did her first back carry with her now, can you believe it, 3 month old Caitlin! Her she is in a Ruck tied in Front in her Iris Didymos.

Sandy came over after, and we helped her master the Double Hammock Carry. Looking great, right?

The ultimate seal of approval. 🙂 (this is Snow Rainbow Girasol)


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