Sunday & Monday wrapping!

Baby Simone is currently the most dependably wrap-able baby in the house. It feels good to practice on a smaller baby than Judah in the weeks leading up to our birth.

Kyle is wrapping judah every chance he gets, I think in preparation for our new baby taking more of our wearing time away from Judah.

Toscana Ellipsen for a quick hug.

Jade Deli Le for a quick snack.

This wrap, Lila Azzuro Linen Indio, is one of the more subtle beauties of the wrap world. The purple cotton is a beautiful shade, and the blue linen is shimmery and incredible. It makes me feel like a (boat sized) queen!

I organized an Area of the pantry where the kids could get their own snacks, as an experiment in self sufficiency, and in preparation of my being less available for a bit after the baby comes. We will see how they handle it.

I miss wearing my big girl on my front every day all day. The baby in my belly protests after to long, but oh, sweet snuggles with her are to precious to just let pass.

Agate 50 % linen by Didymos

Lion has been doing a lot of painting lately, and we love his work! He loves all of the colors, and uses them equally. More to come 🙂


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