Ann Arbor Babywearers 12-7-10 closing in on the end of the year!

Judah loves to "wrap" herself and dance around.

Woah!!! Cuteness in a Moby wrap!!!

We talked about babywearing in the cold. This is a Peekaru Vest. I love to wear this by itself or under any coat. 🙂

Red Wool Birds in a ruck tied tibetan. 🙂

This twin mamma is getting totally advanced 🙂 here with 2 Maya Wrap ringslings.

Helping each other and sharing the ringsling love 🙂

Popped this ringsling over a carrier to help keep her big girl up, and meet the needs of her girlie twin. 🙂

Ahhh. There we go.

Daddy wrapping is the best!!

Can you tell I savor my big girl snuggles?

Judah's teeth. . .mammas teeth!

Mamma's eye! Do'h! At least she's learning. 🙂


A baby knows who helped their mamma learn to wear. They feel that other mommies care for them too. 🙂

The adjustable bottom on this carrier bakes it possible to be used correctly with babies at all different developmental stages.

Perfect Seat!

I can’t wait for next week.  Tuesday is seriously the most fun ever!!!!


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