The most rewarding Day in the history of close at hand babywearing service to date.

How else to I say it, but with pictures?

Recognize this little guy?

You might not, because last time you saw his picture, he looked . . .

. . . Like this. ๐Ÿ™‚ But obviously his chiropractic care is going extremely well, because have you ever seen a more perfectly wonderful rounded supported spine as the picture 2 above?

See this post for our last visit. . .

We also worked with a ringsling made from an easycare wrap. The stripes really help the learning the mechanics of the sling, just as in wrapping.

It's just as important for mama to be comfy as baby.

He was so happy and sweet on friday!!!

He even gave me a big smile in Earthy Rainbow Ringsling.

Krista from Dawn of Life Doula Service was there working as well, and she wrapped up my teaching doll, so she could master wrapping too. ๐Ÿ™‚

We added the Short cross carry to our list of carries learned, and I got one more snuggle in Zara Aubergine.

We ended the session with this little guy, all snuggled happy and asleep in a Didymos Cherry Blossoms.

All in all I have to say is the idea that this little guy had such a clear case of Torticollis, and now through a few weeks of gentle care and careful attention, he is now happily nursed, worn and obviously thriving. ย For a kid who 3 weeks ago couldn’t be comfortable in a proper position, he sure looks comfy now, eh?


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