Holiday Fun! in The Crazy winter weather


Sunday was The Morse Christmas Party. My niece and nephew are so sweet.

But they are siblings. 🙂

Morse Men

Morse Ladies

Of course, there were presents under the tree for every grandkid 🙂

Both kids loved their gifts, and Judah is still just as amazed with this toy today as she was on sunday.

She loves hearing elmo's voice talk to her.

Kyle had tons of fun making snowflakes with Lion and Jack. And just on his own as well. 🙂

he has been watching online tutorials on youtube, and makes such pretty ones!

Old weave old rainbow girasol

Merry Christmas Morse Family!

Lion played with new and exciting cousins, in addition to his usual favorite. 🙂

Judah has been wanting to be worn alot more than usual lately. Here we are in Azzuro 55% linen in an attempt to stay together while we clean up the house.

Then She jumped into Aare ringsling with Kyle to get the Ipad ready for Lion's Monday flight to Colorado. He is off with Poppa to learn to Ski!

All in all an amazing weekend.  THe snow is deep and heavy, and Lion is happy and safe in Colorado.  We are talking twice a day, and are going to try to skype tonight I hope. 🙂  He is apparently getting the hang of skiing, and Kyle will be joining him to see him in action soon!


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