Ann Arbor Babywearers 12-14-10

We are still doing alot of wrapping late at night to put Judah to sleep. SHe is learning to play so hard, that she needs help winding down at night. Azure 55% Linen is sturdy and thick, very much a workhorse wrap.

A short cross carry under your coat is a great way to get about quickly in the winter. 🙂

Trying on a Napsack Mei Tai with a beautiful 6 month old. 🙂

The straps can be crossed in front because of their shape, or go under the arms backpack style.

Twins in 2 maya wraps. 🙂 Happy guy!

Everybody in the group is practicing hard to get better at what ever they love to do. 🙂

Buck Tied in Front with Neobulle Lou

Trying new things, and having a comfy time in Peacock old weave Girasol.

This daddy came with the intention of learning back wearing. He practiced with our doll first.

And then his own real little guy. 🙂

Kyle stopped by for a snuggle, he is anticipating missing us very much when he goes to pick up Lion in Colorado this weekend.

Mira's winning smile in olive dyed Natty linen

Barb's winning smile in Ocean Ivy Pamir

Jade Plum

Lauren saved some special fluffy mail for us to all share.

Her very special long time iso Kobalt Zimpt with wool indio 🙂

Such a fun filled meeting!

We had a wonderful lunch in the mall, and Kalila and Judah were a riot!

Judah fell asleep in a Rebozo Back carry in Sears while I picked out character pj's for both kids. Superheroes for Lion and Sesame street for Judah:)


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