Weekend Ann Arbor Babywearers Meeting, with a special surprise.

Last Saturday was a wonderful meeting marked with little babies, pregnant to-be mammas and old friends. (with a sweet surprise)

FIrst order of business is always to get the smallest babies comfy first. 🙂

Then on to the geekey wrap loving and comparing!! This Natibaby sweet place with cashmere is amazing.

I love the phases of the moon over the city scene on this wrap.

Barb and Mira tried a few different carriers this week instead of just wrapping. 🙂

Babyhawk XT

Wendy in Petrol Pfau

Happy kiddies playing with Amsterdam Hopp

Admiring a beautiful gradation dye job on a Moss 55% linen by didymos

This is the littlest bean from the first pics today with her daddy. Aren't they the spitting image of each other? 🙂

During the circle time where we introduce ourselves and our babies, my friends and group members presented me with these amazing blue box shaped presents for the coming baby!

I have never felt so honored and blessed as when I opened this amazing wrap that I have wanted so much, a bugundy pfau 4.

Sorry I gave you such a hard time Kyle.  I hear that pulling this off was pretty tough, and thanks to everyone who helped organize it.  Also my online friends who also donated to this amazing “baby shower” (for lack of anything else to call it) It really was an amazing special moment to open this card and to see all of your names.  I was moved to tears.  It keeps going. 🙂

April indio 6, my other desperate desire for this new baby!!! You guys must understand, how special this was to see when I opened it.

It is a beautiful mixture of blue and green that shimmers a bit like dragon skin in the light. 🙂 Thank goodness Judah was in the mood to be worn. 🙂

This mamma to be is practicing with a doll. She's got a few more months to get it down and checked out this wrap to practice for the next few weeks.

Her partner too!  It has been a daddy-ful day!!  Too bad the boys had to miss it and be skiing in Colorado. :)  I'm sure they were having a blast too.

Finn decided the Nati Sweet place was a sweet place to take a nap 🙂

Next time Judah wanted "up" we chose our new Burgundy Pfau. Heaven in a ruck tied in front. Thank you again to everybody who helped make this possible and special by keeping it a secret. I really love you all!!

ok I have to brag, look what was in the card!!!!!! I get to design my very own custom grad!!!! I am so torn! What blank wrap? What colors? It is in constant debate now in the house. 🙂

Super sexy stay at home mom shot! (Jade Plum is really lovely and low contrast too!)

It's nice to know your baby is warm when you step outside. See everybody soon!!!!


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