Boys came home, and holidays begin!

Which made for a really busy week!  Sorry I’m a week behind everyone. I know you will all understand.

The day the boys came home from colorado was an adventure. Flight delays, cancellations, and a snowstorm made this all possible 🙂 We enjoyed our new wraps very much till their arrival home. I can see this 2010 pfau excelling as a shorty, as I am loving it in a 4.

Had Lunch with dear friends the day the boys came home, before what I thought was going to be my trip to the airport. 😉

It is a wonderful feeling to be together again! Lion was happy to be worn for about 3 days after getting home. Here we are in Lila Azzuro, and Kyle in Jade Deli LE.

Lion loved learning to ski, and returned happy and refreshed from his vacation.

32 weeks and counting! Both Lion and Judah were born at 37 weeks, so who knows, this baby could be here soon!

Judah is super excited to have her daddy back

Kyle is a wonderful teacher. 🙂

My usual littlest first agenda. 🙂 This is night rainbow girasol.

Brian and Simone in Rastamamma Girasol.

Barb caught a big one!!! Allen was comfy in petrol pfau I think. Pretty sure barb was too. We will have to have her submit a review. 🙂

Mastering Babywearing is a real team effort.

We were so happy to see some old friendly faces! Lookie how they grow! I still think Linen Goldfish is one of the most stunning wraps Didymos has ever woven.

Mazzy and Judah have been loving playing together.


It was a busy meeting despite a last minute location change. It was huge!!!

Daredevil Daddy

The sheer joy of complete trust.

We switched which kiddos and wraps we were wearing after lunch.

Wearing any baby on the front is getting to be a hassle that require a special supportive type of wrap. This is Tussah Silk Fish. It does the job for sure!

Lion making a silly face in Jade royal. We are so happy to have the boys home!!!!


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