Christmas fun!

Christmas day  was spent at the Morse’s in Novi.  They accomadated our special diet needs so well with an awesome taco bar!

The tree was beautiful, and the presents lit the kids up as bright as the tree!

Grandma Love!

Yumm!! Thanks for the awesome gf-cf Christmas dinner guys!

And the wonderful warm family spirit.

Happy Holidays Everybody!

The next day, we went To Howell for another Christmas at Dommy and Pappa’s house.

More paper ripping fun!

Judah was stunning in her Christmas outfit.

The boys were thrilled to be staying with their Dommy that night.

I spotted one of lion's ornaments on the tree.

Both children adored playing there all day.

We had a wonderful turkey and Ham as well. This thomas train set has been awesome!! A real hit with both kids!

Lion and Dommy are an amazing duo! He looks forward to our visits there so much.

A few family shots


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