Last Ann Arbor Babywearers of the year!

Over all I’d say that the revival of the group has been a success.  Many many mammas have passed through the group, stuck around, helped eachother, and found help for themselves.  My goals for the group next year are to grow our core members, become a chapter of babywearing international, and promote the group to the point of raising the towns level of awareness of how important proper babywearing is for infant development and parent bonding, preventing infant abuse, supporting breastfeeding success, and preventing post partum depression.  The list goes on.  Hence my endless devotion, which I hope will last a lifetime.

First order of business was to set up a wrap swing for the day. 🙂 petrol pfau was the victim.

I did a little doll wearing in night rainbow 1.

After we were comfy and cozy, we helped a new mamma with her ringsling and moby.

He was fast asleep through every carrier change. 8 wks I think 🙂

I love this wrapping "action" pic.

Quick efficient results. 🙂 Kyle loves this moss linen gradation.

Jess is just starting to experiment with different back carries. This leo green has been a trusty wrap for her!

Agate looked beautiful on Steph. We love to help eachother and hold eachother's babies all morning at Ann Arbor Babywearers.

stephanie's older kids loved the wrap swing the most!

Super yummy dyed Tussah Silk Fish at the mall after a yummy lunch together.

Steph and I had so much fun shopping and geeking about wraps, and gushing to eachother about our children.

I am looking forwar to another year FULL of the joys of babywearing, and teaching babywearing. What could be a better blessing!


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