Where’s Becca been?

The camera got Juiced!!!!!! (literally got Juice dumped on it.)  Can you imagine my torture?  Thanks to my ever generous father, Ann Arbor Babywearers is going to be graced with a Becca with a new camera in her hand!  So I promise a fat juicy picture filled post tomorrow.

I just didn’t feel right blogging without pictures.  So Back in a flash!

here were the camera’s dying shots

Ann Arbor babywearers had what I think was it's biggest meeting ever. There were so many parents and babies not in this picture! I've decided to make a sign in sheet so we can start keeping track of these things better. I guess its obvious by now I'm no organizational genius, just a babywearing mamma on a mission!

The boys in Zara Forest. Lion still craves closeness from time to time and asks to be wrapped.

Judah and I breaking in the beautiful and subtle and supportive Blue Silk Rhombus

And one last goodbye wrap for toscana ellipses. She is going to be much better loved somewhere else I think. 🙂 despite her beauty.


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