Ann Arbor Babywearers 1-11-11

I just wanted to type the date.  How cool!

the groups of little babies are so fun to watch!

Judah had a quick snack in our new hoppaditz La Paz

Then Simone had a turn. 🙂 I have been really enjoying hopps a lot!

Storchenwiege Leo Bordeaux on 2 beautiful ladies

Twins in a ruck tied tibetan with a petrol pfau 6 🙂

girly on the back

big guy in the front crosses 🙂

Moss linen Grad by RBDmamma on The Babywearer.

Moby'd this little guy right up, and look at how happy they are!!!

helping eachother is the name of the game 🙂

Baby Simone napping in Panama Hopp

a gmbbb on front and beco 4th generation on the back. I love the combo of a stretch wrap on the front and a carrier on the back. It is great to be able to take either twin off with out waking the other if one is asleep 🙂

awwwww! 🙂

More moby fun with sweet little boys!

Robins hip carry with a Didymos Iris stripes and Cassis waves 🙂

Robins hip carry scooted to the back for some quick laundry/chores action! Loved this!!!

Boba, Sleeping baby productions ringsling, and moby, all snuggling their babes close to their mammas!!! I love all of the beautiful carriers that the women in our group bring to share!


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