The only thing that is Truly Permastash is my Wrapee!

A great online TBW friend once said. (thanks Keek)  She is so right!

Teething boogers and all she is still melting our hearts on a minute by minute basis


Yesterday morning she sat down very purposefully to read me a story. 🙂


she named all the things she knew in the pictures very well! And as you can see, kept a barret inher hair for almost 15 minutes in a row! 🙂

Thats right. Brains and Beauty folks. We are in so much trouble. 🙂

On The, one of my friends asked us to gather our favorite wraps, the ones that we will never sell, even when our babywearing days are over, our “permastash” wraps if you will.  With the exception of a couple, these are the ones I chose and why.

Sorry for the messy pile, but it was teh best I could do with the time the kids gave me. These wraps are ones that I Never could part with, even though I feel that way about most of my wraps, the following are why these particular ones are special.

Top to bottom:
Silk indio grad summers day by a fellow tbw’er mamma.  lemonadelucy was the welcome wagon back in my day, and a real inspiration to me with her beautiful pictures of wrapping , wraps and europe. This end to end grad has helped me teach so many people so many carries because it is so easy to follow with the eye. It also hooks many a new mom or mom to be with it’s softness and beauty. It is true forever love.

Red/Black Indio 5 was my first indio, my first back carry with Judah, and just the perfect weight, and look for me. I love every ruck learning memory attached to it sooooo much!

Violet white 6, my first real ISO (In Search Of) . In my humble opinion one of the most beautiful wraps ever made. ’nuff said. 

Lila Azzuro 6 is an amazing midweight linen indio that soothes and comforts me with it’s amazing beauty. I could never wear it enough. its subtle contrast and water like shimmer and heavenly feel make me feel like a mother goddess every time I wrap anything, even my doll,  in it. perma-stash

Goldfish linen 6 was my first direct from didy stalking a new release experience. I love its softness and beauty, again, one of the prettiest didies in my opinion. I love it’s lightweight support and the beauty of the look of the shimmery fish swimming all around me and my lo.

Jade Deli le 3m is my favorite shorty ever. I know It’s kinda long to be a shorty but I dont care.  it rocks every carry that can be done with a short or midlegnth wrap. and its going to have made it through all 3 kids when this last one comes out!

Deep sea fish 6 has seen many somber events as well as happy snuggles. I gave my dearest friends eulogy in it last september while a big toddler slept in it on my front and was about 18 wks pregnant. serious attachment and also a wonderful workhorse-to-snuggle mommy-or-daddy wrap.
want to add that I love the fish wraps because we are scuba divers in my family and adore the ocean.

Atlantic nino 6-7 Is the last wrap my biggest boy ever fell asleep in, and his legacy wrap. I love Didymos! And I guess this is their symbol, no matter what it looks like. 

Girasol Rastamamma 5.2 see this thread on TBW:…y-Special-Wrap!

fall 07 winter weight pamir 4.6, my holy grail for wrapping qualities. It is everything I love in a wrap. dense moldable supportive and forgiving.

Pre middle marker natty linen 6. there are books about why natty linen is the perfect wrap on THe this one is no different.  it is soft and moldable and just the right heftyness for me. I think it’s silky and lila azzuro like. another that will have wrapped all 3 of my babies once this one comes out!

close runners up were choco wide SUT, because of babywearing school ties, and my 3 red pfaus because once I se them together they will be a gem of my collection I think and a real treasure 

Hope you enjoyed my little geek session!  I can’t wait for the new baby to be wrapped in these wraps especially. 🙂  Ann Arbor Babywearers is today, and the weather is terrible.  I really hope some people show up!


Happy Wearing Everybody!


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