The time in between one tuesday and the next.


35 weeks and wearing judah on the front is becoming really difficult 🙂 This is last wednesday in a Mei tai, which really helped get me a quick up for a fussy tired baby. she was down in bed 15 minutes after I turned on the clothes dryer and closed the laundry room door. . .

Wednesday I went back to this sweet client for our first advanced babywearing lesson. Look how well they have mastered the basics! It has been amazing to watch this sweet preemie grow to be the big 11 lb boy he is. 🙂

This wondeful mamma has amazing taste in wraps. This one is Girasol Exclusive Romantique

First back carry in a Rucksack Carry Tied Tibetan

Beautifully done!

I even got to wrap sweet R in my beautiful Pfau gift from my sweet friends around the world.

Thursday we watched Baby Bo (as Judah says) and we loved it! She is such a sweet baby!

Sweet happy eyes!

Some quick pics of our saturday morning fun

Judah picked out Lions pajamas as her outfit to go to Dommy's house for the night. I'm pretty sure these two kids are growing really close. 🙂 🙂

I look forward to them having their own Kid Culture, and creative play together, outside of our parent world.

It's already happening. 🙂

We went out Sunday morning to The Zingermans Roadhouse for my fathers 65th birthday! Fabulous Gluten free sweet potato fries! We were so happy!

I was as relaxed as one can be at 35 ish weeks pregnant. We spent alot of the time while the kids were on their sleepover working on our home and discussing names for the baby. 🙂

My parents are a great example of how life gets better as you get older 🙂

Thanks to them I have an amazing amount of Spykes Grove Honeybell Tangelos in my kitchen.

I do believe they are a grapefruit cross, and as you can see, we have giant ones and tiny ones. I think I find the tiny ones stronger, and the giant ones sweeter. They are so juicy that they are unpeelable, you have to either cut and eat over the sink, or just juice them. 🙂 We also have these amazing "sippers" from the grove guys who grow these things. They designed a straw like device you can stick in the orange and suck out the juice with. It's great fun! I'll grab a pic of the kids today, Judah has not taken to it at all. 🙂

These last few nights Judah has been sleeping poorly due to major teething which came with a huge amount of extra fluid draining through her head! Here is the princess, propped up for her afternoon nap in mommy & daddy's bed.


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