An active week of pre-labor and doll wearing!


Judah is going through a phase of wearing dolls again which I am grateful to see. 🙂

Multasking little mamma 🙂

She really seems to totally prefer ringslings 🙂

Judah is really loving coloring in a new way this week 🙂

SHe is also helping me with my nesting while lion is at school. she loved reorganizing the wraps with me as we had regular contractions all day Friday 🙂

She was so excited about all of the wrappers!

My Lending library suitcase is a regular adventure in peekaboo and hide and seek 🙂

Daddy loves this Pic.

She snuggles with daddy for bedtime almost every night in a wrap lately.

The next day she napped in Tussah Silk fish. This really supportive wrap lifted the big girl weight right off of my contracting belly.

Oh the endless Cuteness!!!!

We seem to have slowed down in the labor department, after 3 days of regular contractions, which is great.  Honestly I believe that the longer the baby stays in the better, well happier it will be to come out.  I am really looking forward to Ann Arbor Babywearers today!!

But first, an experimental entry. 🙂


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