Ann Arbor Babywearers 1-18-11

First order of the meeting is always to help the youngest babies. 🙂 this one jumped from a moby to a woven for the first time in Panama Hopp.

THis sakura bloom silk ringsling is brand new, just like it's occupant. 🙂 I bet it will look a lot more broken in next time we see them, look how comfy and happy this mamma-baby pair is!

Lindsay is becoming a pro, and loving making her own wraps from fabric at fabric stores.

It's a good thing we have a regular twin mamma now because look who came back from Downunder 🙂 and decided to tackle tandem wearing! There was no more perfect pair than these two twin mammas 🙂

I love peacock old weave girasol. I wish I could sleep in it! Look how comfy!!!

and a switch up to one of my favorite twin combos, a wrap/carrier combo. 🙂

Oh Linkon, we all think your cool!

I think a wrap pod will soon be in Barbs stash. Mira rides like she's in a pod most of the time anyway! 🙂

Petrol Pfau looked awesome on Moonbeam and Ferris right? Look at how much Ferris is Growing!

It was so great to see these four ladies reunited!!!

Beautiful Ruck on my goddaughter in Snow Rainbow Girasol.

Fire Fish was really made for these ladies.

These two are learning to use their babyhawk in many different ways. It feels like a new one each week! 🙂

Another day with a great turnout and lots of new mammas. I am overjoyed!!!


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