Weekend and monday fun

Lucy and Her Mamma came by for a at MY home babywearing session, because of my delicate condition. Lucy and Katie are on the search for true and lasting comfort.

Tried out RUBing with Katie's Night rainbow shorty with my doll, and I think we decided that it was a bit short.

We tried her in a couple of longer shorties in different brands and her concerns about wether or not she could secure a good knot disappeared.

I really think that ellevill Jade weave wraps are some of the best short wraps out there for single layer carries. 🙂 Great Ruck Tied Under the Bum Katie!

Sarah's birthday was a beautiful gathering of her family and friends. We were so happy to be included. 🙂

Lion and Sarah's Niece had a blast being prince and princesses together!

Lion wore his doggy to Nanna's for an awesome overnight and next day adventure!

Monday morning was home with Judah for some extra time and her took every chance to wrap her that he could get.

Lauren's Rocky Rosa by Rbdmamma is an inspiration for a future dye job. I think it looks amazing on Kyle!

He brushed her hair until she fell asleep and they cuddled all afternoon.

Both Kyle and Judah's hair are a bit wild lately

Rosalinde 50% linen from didymos is a truly soft yummy wrap. I am ever grateful for this loan.

I was totally cheered by my dear friends coming by on monday to bring me yummy thai food and help me think about something besides how many contractions i am having 🙂

They brought their sweet cheerful wrap geeking selves, and we had such a fun time trying, trading, and comparing things. It seriouly was the highlight of my week! Thanks guys!!!

My temporary trade haul was amazing and uplifting! Plus Rocky Rosa there is Green wool fish, hemp honeywrap and Grey Cashmere Sweetplace.

Thanks for the serious cheer me up guys!


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