A quick week in review.

Ok I have been laboring on and off with this baby thinking it is going to make it’s appearance any day.  Some nights I’m pacing the house with contractions thinking “this is it!”  and some nights I go to bed not even expecting to wake in labor.  It is quite an emotional roller coaster.

I have had the luxury of enjoying my temp-traded wraps, as both children seem to want to be wrapped more often lately. This Natibaby Sweetplace with Cashmere is an amazing wrap, wide, yummy soft and supportive.

Lion brought me our old yummy floppy Natural Linen Indio and said "Mom can I go on your back in this one? This one was my favorite." 🙂 We had the most wonderful snuggle. 🙂

Here is a shot showing how goofy a 9 months pregnant woman looks wearing 45 lb preschooler. 🙂

Kobalt-zimpt cotton indio is one of the most beautiful wraps!!! I love the blues and oranges together. This carry is half a Regular ruck tied in front, and half a back wrap cross carry with ruck straps 🙂 It was a comfy double layer carry! I don't think Judah likes a full BWCC with 3 passes across her.

Love these sweet kids! The Wrapping gives me a chance to hold them, even though I cant really pick them up with my arms anymore. Lion is even having trouble sitting on my lap now, which may account for his asking to be worn more.

Sara and Simone having a snuggle in Hemp Honeywrap Bloodorange

We said goodbye to our sweet babysitters , we wish them well on their travels!

Judah is getting really good at posing for the camera. 🙂

Example B

At the saturday Ann Arbor Babywearers Meeting for January, Kyle wore Judah in Anna Storchenweige ringsling. Judah has been napping often in the morning. Its a nice change of pace 🙂

I hope Lauren will trade us for this amazing wrap. All 4 of us are in love with its wrapping qualities. 🙂

Hopefully I won’t be pregnant too much longer!  Today I am 38 weeks, and both Lion and Judah were born at 37 weeks.  Pre-Labors are a psych out!!!  I am getting very ready to meet the newest member of our family and find out all about them.  Sleeping has practically become impossible, a sure sign of impending birth.


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