My new Camera has a rechargeable battery. . .

And It died in the beginning of Ann Arbor Babywearers this week!

So I just have a few pics like this!!!! No other wearing pics. It was quite a change not being able to photograph everyones progress.

Lots of little babies though!

We had a new amazing sitter start this week, as Lion has decided that he "Does not need to go to school anymore." His happiness level has improved. So has ours!

Here is a picture of all of the Ellevill wraps in my stash. Jade Deli le, and Jade Royal on the right, and Zaras aubergine, Earth and Forest on the left. This brand is amazing. The 2 weaves have 2 very different textures and feel very different when worn. Zaras are smoother and thinner, great in multi layer carries, and Jades are Thicker, with alot of bounce to them when you walk (I also call this "shock absorbant") the texture make them a wrap for the more advanced wrapper, as multiple passes can be hard to move around and across the bodies.

New rainbow jammies are bringing us all joy. :)I have been wearing Lion and pacing the house lately, hoping to kick start labor. 🙂 Azure 55% linen is the perfect beast for the job!

I can still wear him for a good 20 mins. but not too much longer. . . .


My dear sweet wrapping friends Barb and Lauren took me to lunch yesterday as a way to get my mind off of still being pregnant. Neobulle Julie is so beautiful, and even though you can't see it in this pic, it matches Lauren's coat perfectly!

Thanks to all of my online and In Real Life friends and family for helping support me through these last few weeks of pregnancy.  It is an amazing journey, and I can’t wait to meet the result!!!!!


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