Zephyr’s first Visitors and his first wraps

Dommy and Pappa

Babba, Zephyr's Last great Grandparent.

a tired and happy mamma

My dear sweet friends have been so supportive and loving of us and our newest babe 🙂

Big sister is really happy and loving 🙂

Big brother is excited, but a bit too busy being a big boy to stop for many pictures 🙂

happy enchanted daddy

He is a strong little guy! he's just 2 days old here 🙂

On his second day out, I wrapped Zephyr for his first time. This wrap is Zara Earth, an older narrower zara. A narrow wrap is much more manageable with a tiny baby. 🙂

I have been waiting for this moment since I first peed on a stick 🙂

He is the epitome of sweet easy baby 🙂

On thursday Kyle and the kids went to see Sesame street Live at the Fox theatre and had a blast.

Lion thought it was loud, but other than that he LOVED it!!

It was beautiful to see the pictures, I wish I could have come!

They slept the whole way home. 🙂


I love this picture of my mother kissing his little old man face.

Dommy visited today and saw Zeff wide awake 🙂

smiling 🙂

Dommy and her boys. 🙂

Family shot with Dommy 🙂

Kobalt-Zimt tri Indio 🙂

Kangaroo Front carry 🙂

Beautiful wrapping Moments are all I live for these days!! This little guy is so awake and alert so often!


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