More squishy-old-man-faced pictures!!!


on Zephyr's 6th day out in the world, he had a professional photo shoot with a friend's sister. I snapped this pic on my camera. I can't wait to see the real results of the shoot!

Cousin Katherine and Aunt Melissa

She is so into babies!

We hung out in Mystery Nino, the softest nino ever!!!

Nanna stopped by for another cuddle

Goofy big eyes 🙂

Handsome Men!

He is so very alert. A really sweet easy baby 🙂

Daddy in Fire Fish Ringsling

The Murphy's came to visit on the weekend despite a huge snowstorm. Nora was so in love with the baby 🙂 .

Tadgh, Doing the no-pants-dance and loving it!

Steph says she wants to try new things, but she's a reach-for-my-old-trusty-wraps kind of girl 🙂

Judah and daddy catching some cuddles in Colorgrown Green Indio 🙂

Snuggling after a big day in our borrowed Natural silk nino ringsling.

This babymoon has been wonderful.  A sweet baby really tops it off well.  This next week with Kyle home will be heaven.  I can’t wait to post more pictures.   Thanks for looking at our new sweet boy!


2 thoughts on “More squishy-old-man-faced pictures!!!

  1. Awwwww! Zepher is SO precious and he looks so content. And I love the picture of Judah and Kyle also…they look like twins! Congratulations to the Morse family!

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