3 Children. Woah. It’s a lot to get used to.

Cabo Old weave Girasol put one baby to sleep. (obviously not in this pic, but fairly soon after)

Then another

Judah is getting really tall and long. 🙂

A new girasol rainbow came into our life, Inara's Rainbow

My dear friend lauren did her first gradation dye project on a Lotties brand Nature Wrap that is settingof on a world tour. It is going to be so soft and wonderful when it returns. Didn't she do a flawless job?

Charcoal to violet 🙂

Lauren's new dyed Tussah SIlk Nino is beautiful 🙂

Toddler Mutant Ninja Judah

Bebina Aires on this wrapping mamma come back into our life 🙂

This is one of Judah's beautiful legacy wraps.

I've finally added a pink princess wrap to our stash, Rose Silk Indio, and it shimmers 🙂

He's a sweet easy baby 🙂

Visit from the Campbell's

Sisters in Red/Black Indio

Teffer's Clouds!!!! 🙂

Tiny sweet face!!!!

ann arbor babywearers is so awesome now that i have a willing wrappee

old weave girasol rainbow

Traveling Lotties on her farewell wrap before setting off for Ohio 🙂

Garnet Pfau Wrap Swing 🙂

I love watching people become teachers 🙂

Re-enforced Ruck in Viola Ellipses

Our newest babysitter learned to use a ringsling 🙂

First Back Carry 🙂

The talented dye artist

Rose Silk Indio

Linen Goldfish and a beautiful hat that was a gift from a sweet TBW'er mamma

sweet little smiles

black and white pfau and daddy 🙂

Squishy Lips asleep in Zara Earth while I attended a mothers support group 🙂

Judah has started asking for the "Whishy Baps" and being thrilled to be wrapped. 🙂

Petrol-Ecru Thick Fish 🙂

I have been a bit obsessed with ninos lately 🙂

Lion had a successful visit back to school yesterday, and of course didn't want to leave 🙂

It's a pretty big class, but the kids and the teachers are awesome 🙂

Deep Sea Fish with Judah in the afternoon to try to help her fall asleep. Some days, she just won't nap anymore 😦

Brought Old Martin Didymos to the restaurant today to have lunch with my mother and Grandmother 🙂

She missed him in Vail.

Sweet sleeper 🙂

This Vintage wrap is from the 70's and I love thinking about all of the babies it's held over the years.

He's growing so fast. See his neck rolls?!?! 🙂 they make me happy 🙂


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