coming out of our baby haze. . .

Ok, now where did we leave off.   Ahhh yes, right, new baby.  changed everything.  It’s been hard to actually get to a PC, which I have to do to blog.  Sorry!  So finally here is a catch up on everyone!

Zephyr has had all kinds of visitors. 🙂

my friends have been very adoring and awesome.

babies galore!

The big kids have been being worn alot by request.:) Here is Kyle and Judah in colorgrown green indio

Lion in Amsterdam Hoppaditz

Zephyr's 2 week checkup. 🙂

We have snuggled in many wraps. 🙂

And ringslings 🙂

Kyle went back to work, and this became the norm around 5:30 or 6. . . this was zara earth, and Hopp La paz 🙂

Nursing and Wearing 🙂

Blue Silk Rhombus and zara natural

We went back to Ann Arbor Babywearers, where mammas were connecting and helping each other while we were gone 🙂


saffron-honey wool nino

Double Nino duty with a Veilchenblau Nino Sleeping Baby Productions Ringsling on top 🙂

Zephyr is a very alert and strong baby for his age. here we are in a 2007m annaversary pfau

2010 black and white test pfau

This super awesome big brother has decided to go back to school, and starts back in his old room with a new schedule next week. 🙂

Rastamamma Girasol

We've been visiting family 🙂

Cousins and Best Friends

I think Zephyr is 3 weeks proper in this shot 🙂

Lila Azzuro Linen Indio

Herbst/Mystery Nino, the softest cotton nino I've touched. 🙂

Sleepy tiny baby moments are so short and fleeting. I love every wrapping minute 🙂

Gen and teh big kids have been decorating boxes and pretending they are a car and a spaceship and many other things 🙂




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