Zephyr’s Professional Photo Shoot at 6 days old

Thank you Nikki for setting this up!  In exchange for some newborn knowledge and tips and experience, Rebecca Tabor came over 6 days after Zephyr was born and took these beautiful photos for us.  As an added bonus, she took some pictures of me and Judah as well!  I never get tired of seeing these pictures.  They really capture the feelings that a newborn gives it’s mother, and it’s sister. Thank You all for sharing this wonderful moment with us.  We have, of course, immortalized a few of our favorite wraps as well.

"A Baby!"

She loves to kiss him, and it's amazing to see him tolerate it. He his endlessly patient.

April Indio was one of the gifts from my friends here and around the world. We wrap in it very often 🙂

belly button!!

Having a newborn is just heaven. The feeling of being two being - so soon after having been one, is a really unique kind of love.

I swear he's smiling in this picture 🙂

Vintage Martin Didymos with orange weft, and an angel 🙂

Sweet tiny yawn!

Goldfish with linen 🙂 and a yummy hand 🙂

colorgrown brown indio

cute face!

Sweet angel

The circle of trees behind him is our wedding contract. 🙂


Re-enter the loving sister

My Beautiful Girl

Red - Black Indio.

Red-Black indio was my first indio. My first back carry with Judah, and one of the first things I bought on TheBabywearer.com 🙂

My Little Valentine 🙂


3 thoughts on “Zephyr’s Professional Photo Shoot at 6 days old

  1. Hi Becca, I saw your link on your gmail chat and had to check out your new baby – Congratulations – he’s absolutely beautiful.

  2. I have an all new appreciation for the vintage Martin now. I had only seen a few of those pictures before today. I teared up a little. Such beautiful kids, and such wonderful parents.


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