The case of the missing camera cards

Judah has been shoving things into the cd-rom drive of our computer. I am missing my high definition camera cards and it really is cheesing me off.   Any -whoo  I’ll just proceed with today and let those pictures go.  If those cards return/get extracted (as I suspect their location)  I’ll do a flash back entry. 🙂

Ann Arbor Babywearers today was wonderful.

Yay for friends! Simone is growing up!

First back ride in Cassis Waves, One of our group wraps

Cassis waves is really beautiful, but this 7 week old steals the show!

We had a 7 week old boy convention today. Peacock girasol was a comfy ride for this guy. 🙂

This 9 month old was super comfy in our ergo performance

I love our group

These guys fit right in! We had a lot of awesome new members today!

Judah is obsessed with kissing her baby. I am obsessed with ninos. Atlantic nino was the crush of the day. I always forget that it is a size 7. . .

Lauren's "Scary Blossoms" (Didymos Cherry Blossoms dyed black) are awesome in real life.

Barb looking beautiful as always.

Joseph had his first ride in a double hammock carry in his silver waves.

These two seem really comfy in this petals and puddles meitai. 🙂

I was surprised at how much the standard kinderpack ate Caleb. 🙂 the boba was both a better fit for baby and daddy 🙂

Beautiful tandem carry in an Inka Octi Mei Tai

Our group is growing so well.

Want my apple? Atlantic Nino on front and a kinderpack on my back

Garnet Pfau makes and Awesome wrap swing for a 7 year old.

This mama was new to us, but not new to wrapping 🙂 as we soon found out 🙂

Ms. V loves her Boba 🙂

I love this picture. 🙂 Hands free twins. Wrap conversions with wrap or duo style straps are amazing for carrying twins. 🙂

Inka is apparently delicious

I spent most of the meeting this way 🙂 It reminded me of when judah was tiny.

We had 2 mamas there who are expecting, practicing and observing, which means soon, new squishy pictures!!!!!

the weighted doll is a great learning tool. I can barely remember how I got along without one.

We had a really active group today!!!

I spent more time at home after the meeting learning and obsessing about old ninos. Bonus geeky tag picture of mystery nino.


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