Lets get caught up to mothers day.

Can you believe Zephyr is 3 months old tomorrow?  I am in shock.  Lets hope for a lucky friday the 13th today.  I could really use it as opposed to the traditional downer.

Lets get to the rest of those pictures!!

Traveling squishy wrap!!

Judah loves having Twan back in town to help mama keep things going as she works away on the computer

Busy meeting with lots of babies last week! Including a very new newborn. 🙂

geckos macchia

I love when Teffer comes to visit!

Panama Hoppaditz

Judah loves our Beautiful Go-Klompen Meitai with linen wrap straps. The embroidery is amazing and It is so comfy on front and back!

rastamama girasol is one of my only 5.2 meter long wraps that I can do this tandem carry trick in 🙂 Instructional video link below. 🙂


copy and paste this url into your browser and enjoy!!!  I used my teaching doll and zephyr to get a twins effect. 🙂

Judah really loves to touch her brother, and this carry allows them to be close, but safe. 🙂

I am loving making videos. Judah has bee helping me alot. This is Hoppadiz La Paz.

Green tea old weave is an amazing ruck wrap and just seems the epitome of little baby boy!

My one of a kind red pfau from 2007

nothing wraps like an '07 pfau. any color, any size.

Mothers day started out at my parents house.

Even the '10 '07 pfau wraps like a dream, and it was my choice for my mothers day wrap.

my mom got me this sweet babywearing mama for mothers day

My boys

My sweet big boy is the first to make me a mama and I think of it a lot on mothers day.

My joyful middle child. She is Laughter in motion.

Daddy is always important, even on mothers day.

Silly faces before the family photo shoot.

My family minus my husband. It was a beautiful morning.

The kids were sick of the picture by the time we got to our family alone.

4 generations

For the afternoon we went down to detroit and celebrated our god daughters first birthday.

Wrapping is great for helping your child feel safe in a strange place, and still getting to enjoy it yourself.

we got our goddaughter the only gift we knew how.

Closeness in the form of Love Girasol ringsling by sleeping baby productions.

kyle is wonderful. just plain wonderful.


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