Some spring Pictures :)

Malve nino with wool Sleeping baby productions ringsling.

Back wearing is now in full swing with Burgundy Pfau.

Ecru Pfau is an amazing big-kid wrap. the weave is dense, but the fibers are airy.

Out like a light

Zeph has a new nickname, Bubbles McGee 🙂

We were blessed enough to have the Murphy's join us for passover this year.

Beautiful, if only the big kids were in it!

forgot to charge my camera battery before babywearers. but I snagged this one shot of our fast growing super active group. 🙂

I feel my judah cuddle time slipping away.

The shine of the silk was beyond beautiful, but the wrapping qualities were too solid for me. Not enough give. 🙂

My gandma really loves my dog. I wish she could have a pet, but she is 92, and really to old to care for it. 😦

Bike! Bike!

2 months 🙂

My amazing new dolcino at the Murphy's easter celebration

Our food crazy boys are a match made in heaven

Vintage Red/Orange Tom Didymos

Our 2 year old girls are beyond in love.

Everybody in that house LOVES Z!!

Goofy big boy! he asked me if there was dairy or wheat in the eggs 🙂

Big Sur Girasol is a long surviving love here 🙂


And I will have to finish catching you all up another day!!  Our life is so full right now.  I am writing classes, teaching, doing private consults by the handful, making instructional videos, designing a wrap colorway, opening an etsy store, , and being a mom!


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