Ann Arbor Babywearers 5-10-11 SQUISH!

I;ve been working alot on twin techniques since z is about the same size as my teaching doll right now. 🙂

Love Vintage red pfau. Vintage wraps help me feel connected to mamas throughout time. It's really wonderful.

Judah being a good mama and playing in Vat Orkney.

Tuesday's meeting was amazing. Well attended and I love watching all the moms connect.

2 weeks!

twins being loaded in a hopp conversion. 🙂 aubergine zara

Jade royal is thinking of leaving us, and I am wavering as I see this picture!!

Petrol/Ecru thick fish looks amazing with finn's eyes. 🙂

we all help each other, and support and company is a big part of it.

Ferris is such a treasured baby. I hate to play favorites (and I don't in real life) but I adore him!!!!!

Kinderpack love!!!

Me and my Z.

Some babies just sleep through anything! 🙂


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