post mothers day week :)

Almost 3 months old in Natural Silk nino

I cant believe my little one will grow up to be a big boy like this!!

Wednesdays home visit was to a sweet mama who was a beautiful artist and had a super sweet 6 week old baby boy. We worked with botht the ringsling and the moby wrap.

I seriously, could never have any other job, ever again.

A carrier is a good fit when it can mold to a babies body. A carrier should always support a baby all the way to the back of their knees and have their bum slightly lower than their knee bend. 🙂

Biggest boy had school on Thursday 🙂 We all love his turtle shell backpack.

My handsome Lion Man.

This is a new to us old girasol. Girasol said it predated name or number 🙂 It is a beautiful lemony yellow color with chocolate stripes on either side.

Old weave green tea is my favorite little boy workhorse wrap.

lion and i made a video about wrapping big kids together and we had so much fun.


here is the video:  Wrapping a big kid in a double hammock carry.

copy and paste this link!

At the end of the day on Friday I got to snuggle my goddaughter.  She is at the perfect wrapping age and size!!

Latemeria Fish

Earthy Rainbow Girasol


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