Lots of wrapping pics, kids of all sizes!!!

Mystery nino is soft and amazing. Its like an instant nap machine.

I have been getting to wrap Judah every day sometimes more than once. This wrap is made by the company Natibaby, the pattern is called "sweet place"

It is currently my only wrap by Natibaby, but not for long!!

Bebina Starsign in Judah's sign, Aires

My newest Natibaby wrap, designed by my sweet online friend. "Swallows" is a silk blend that has so much beauty I was stunned to be opening it. 🙂

My sweet little man and his sweet gummy smile.

Sleepy snuggles

The design wraps beautifully.

The supportive dense weave is wonderful. I am sure it would be wonderful with Judah as well, now I have to catch her!!


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