Rayna and Hux

Last weekend Zeph and I went to visit a client with a 16 day old baby! :hug: she had an old maya wrap and a dolcino woven wrap.

A ringsling is a perfect carrier for a days old baby. It forms to their naturally retracted bodies and allows them to stretch and move as well as sleep perfectly supported.

wrapping a baby brings them the perfect distance from the wearers body to study and bond with their face, the sound of their voice and the smell of their breath. This little one was so happy to be staring into his mothers eyes.

We worked on some "laid back" breastfeeding techniques and had great success getting them comfortable and happy.

Zeph was sleeping in kz in the sloppiest ruck ever most of the time. I am ashamed to post the pictures, but at least I was getting my work done and keeping my little one close and happy, and thats the most important thing.

He was such a wonderful baby, so fresh and new 🙂


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