The Shame!!!

My new Kangala Wrap Bag made from a Deep Sea Fish Didymos wrap is awesome and bigger, for my new 3 kid lifestyle.

We love our deep sea fish doll ringsling. especially judah!!

Wearing your doll helps leave your hands free for kissing your brother!

For playing, wearing your baby on your back is much easier though. . .

Baby got carted around all morning 🙂 Judah is going to be a great mama.

This week I Started a new babysitter, Tommy.  Look for him to show up soon!  Tuesday we were in a rush before the Ann Arbor Babywearers meeting and I forgot my camera!!!  I was even more devistated to arrive at the Joust Fitness Center and see over 15 cars.  It was a huge meeting.  By the end there were over 20 parents.  We were awesomely efficient and amazing at getting everyone broken up into groups and meeting their babywearing needs!!!

Lauren decided not to split ginkos, and now we have a long leafy beautiful wrap!!!

It is a beautiful tri color weave of lime green, gold, and petrol.

Lion is totally wanting to wear his brother every day.  We let them cuddle this way because it is safer than holding him.  He cant be dropped, so my mind is more at ease.

i hope wearing this small bit helps the boy foster some closeness on their own.

Utilitarian wrapping at bed time. PE fish thick kicks the jobs butt!!

I made up a new carry in december, and I finally tried it with Zephyr and made a video. I have to upload it still, and its more for the purpose of sharing and less about how-to, but I need to name it!! A side note, Zeph is the leg straightening-est baby ever!!!

I had to bribe a toddler into this wrap to review it on TBW'er! I'mnot ashamed to admit I will give a cookie to get a snuggle from my daughter 🙂

I came by this one honestly. 🙂


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