Ann Arbor Babywearers 5 – 24 – 11

This meeting followed a recent trend of super huge meetings.

Amitola Crimson Weft.

we have been teaching wrapping most often, next most popular choice is ring slings.


Cassis Waves and Dolcino Kuba

Lauren's Husband came in honor of Finn's Birthday!

It's all about the babies!!

It's one of the perks of being a senior member, holding the tiny babies while you teach!!! Default bonus!!!

I worked with a new twin mom today, she was excited to tandem wear. She was our 3rd twin mom that day!!

This Mei tai has an adjustable bottom, so its great for babies of all ages 🙂

A ringsling or a rebozo can slip over any carrier and make a great quick tandem. 🙂

Earthy Rainbow Girasol.

1 month old!

I love when the babies ages are in days instead of weeks!!! eeek!

Barb needs the new Vatanai!

Helping Each other, Its the Agenda!!

Ginkos went on a lending adventure. 🙂

We are on our journey to become a chapter of Babywearing International.  More and more moms are loving teaching and are excited about becoming Volunteer Babywearing Educators.  I expect to see another full parking lot at joust fitness center on Tuesday!


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