Summer is here!!!


this little mama has her own wraps, yet she is constantly wearing mine 🙂


We gaot a new awesome water filter and Lion and Tommy turned the box into a robot costume!

We are lovin "The Robot Song" by Joe Reily. Lion says he wants to wear his robot for halloween 🙂

Judah barely fits 🙂

Deep sea fish made an excellent pirate wrap fort

Sweet baby face alert!


I sometimes think I would die of the inability to meet everyones needs if it wasn't for wearing 🙂

We are testing out a special nameless wrap for a friend and future project. A++!!! It wraps like a dream!!

and put Judah into dreamland

Natibaby Beige Silk Swallows is a wonderful wrap. solid, supportive, and it would be great with Judah I think If I could ever get the chance!



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