The Weekend with a Million activities!


After we went to Ann Arbor Babywearers weekend meeting, we went to see a free Joe Show at Learning Express Toy Store πŸ™‚ We Love Nature, and Joe!!!!

We ran into a wonderful little friend there!

Then it was on to Finn's birthday party!!


Lion is a wonderful little boy. πŸ™‚ he loves to play outside!


Mazzy loves Judah and Likewise πŸ™‚

Lauren loved her Red Silk Vogels Kangala bag


such a beautiful family! (and a nephew) πŸ™‚


Then on Sunday we stopped by my parents in the morning before heading up north a bit to visit my dear friend who was hit by a car while riding her bike. Β She was in need of help with her kids mostly and to relieve her helpful overworked husband.

Vatani Orkney makes an amazing sling instead of the medical icky yucky looking one πŸ™‚

Kyle and I both had fun trying on the didymos butterflies while we were there.

He really is as sweet as he looks,

after I made dinner and joe mowed the lawn, he tried on a bunch of different carriers for his impending "harder than usual" next few weeks.

Didymos malawi fish

Storchenweige Leo Red

I wore their daughter for a while and we had such a nice time!

We all had a good time caring for our linjured oved one together.


Memorial Day was bright and beautiful.

The people in our local parade always throw candy to the kids πŸ™‚

I'm a robot baby!!

sweet biggest boy!!

tiny little big bird in her sling πŸ™‚

Kiss Kiss!

I love this picture of lion!

He has been pretending to be a fireman a lot lately πŸ™‚






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