Babywearing in Times Square

Ran into an old friend right away in Detroit Metro Airport, and he wrapped Z when we arrived in NYC!

I was thrilled to have the help, because I was lugging many wraps to meet up with a wonderful group of women. Some of these women I have known online for years!!

NYC MAMAS!!!! All of these women are wonderful moms and babywearers. It was a wonderful break for me to leave my routine for 24 hours and get away with these ladies!! They made me feel special and we had so much fun!

We were a spectacle with a baby in a fancy west side restaurant.

gushing over wraps together and having a few drinks at Citrus! Red 07 Pfau on the town!

all those mamas and one baby made for an easy night for me!

after dinner we ran around times square and had a blast while Z slept on my back.

Afterwords at my friends apartment, we had a good old fashioned sleepover! As well as a babyless wrap fashion show.

KZ cotton in da house!!!! (did I mention we had fun?)

Here I am in my vintage red pfau in my beautiful room lined with wraps by my awesome hostess

Her wrap closet 🙂 minus the hanging beauties.

wrapping with each others wraps and each others babies for fun the next morning. 🙂

Z and our host were instant buddies.

My hostess had an awesome method of bunching the wrap up to hold it under her chin. and awesome alternative to the method i commonly teach of holding the top rail in your teeth 🙂

Rose silk indio

Peeking around nyc safe in Noh's arms 🙂

my beautiful hostess in Anthracite hemp indio

anthracite hemp indio in the sunshine

They made my stay so fun!

Subway Love!

After a fabulous breakfast we went to metrominis on park ave. and tried on some wraps. 🙂

we love to share wrappees!

It was a quick trip, but it saved my sanity.  These ladies helped me feel alive again and I was so happy for my babywearing vacation!!


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