Becca, is being a mom of 3 and a babywearing advocate hard?


I hope you are laughing.  Because I love my life, and I love my children, but when I am in each moment doing either one, being a mom or a teacher, I feel that that is the only thing that I could be doing with my life.  But alas, and also fortunately, 🙂 – I am both, and I must do both in my life at the same time.  Sorry for the break from the blog.  I’ll try to be more consistent.

April Indio and my smiley boy

Ann Arbor Babywearers is an amazing force, growing every week!!

Zephyr and Grandma

Zephyr is the perfect age and temperment to play with everybody and be loved on by all of our friends and family.

Zephyr, working with me on writing class outlines for our new parenting class on fostering attachment in jeansblau nino with signatures.

Burgundy Pfau

one of our blooming rosebushes 🙂

checking her wrap job on her giraffe 🙂

Power Cousins!

Lauren and I and I were extatic as our Natibaby Chusty Forum exclusive poppies arrived. 🙂 Finn and Lauren look stunning in them.

It is squishy and yummy and wide and fabulous. Big kids need only apply. 🙂

Other peoples children. They grow fast too!!

A perfect example of how babywearing helps moms out!

June was a great month for ann arbor babywearers. Gold Ruby linen indio. 🙂

perfect nap at Joust in Rastamama girasol

Go Super Babywearing Dads!!!

Twan has officially mastered wrapping. This Istanbul Hoppaditz was traveling through the country stopping at different babywearing groups. We loved hosting it!


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