Ann Arbor Babywearers at the end of June

Some weeks Ann Arbor Babywearers fills The Joust Fitness Center.

New Moms often want to wrap, feel afraid when they first show up to a meeting, and then look like this once they get their first secure wrap job. Its a great sight.

Topped only by a sweet sleeping baby following. This is Girasol Romantique

This sweet pair is leaving us for california! We will miss you both and wish you much success in the sunshine! Leo grun and Anthracite hemp look good together don't they?

Red Leo on a happy pair!


Dolcino Samos. I Love this wrap. Its just perfect and so so soft.


Babywearing Twins in an Inka Octi Mei Tai made from a Storchenwiege wrap

It is now documented on camera that I did a double hammock carry with a size 4(albeit a long one) . This one is a Slate Silk indio.


This is what it looks like when you fall in love with a specific wrap. Anthracite Hemp Indio.

slate silk indio, and Finn digging for gold. 🙂

Violet white Indio at home

Natibaby Poppies has been a favorite of mine for judah lately. It is super soft and thick and moldable. Also very Wide, and she is loving snuggling in.

We brought Leander silk waves to our AABW'ers weekend meet-up during it's brief stay here at our house. 🙂

Istanbul Pinstriped Hopp made one more visit to us before heading over to Chicago. 🙂

Barb and I wore our 4 year old boys 🙂

Beautiful Barb in Aqua waves Dyed yellow to make Emerald Waves.

Zephyr Loves his car toys, and it's making it easier for me to get around. 🙂

Babywearing Builds Confidence.


Amitola purple weft on a practicing Dad -to-be

The group's didymos Lena

A Happy Back Wrapping Lesson

Stepping out of a ring sling and into a wrap

Zephyr napped in girasol rastamama that day

I love Dolcino Samos as a gender neutral newborn wrap. Its perfect!!

lots of mamas in ann arbor love to make and dye their own wraps and carriers.

I am so proud of our community for building this amazing group. I am so thrilled to see Babywearing education so active in our community!



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