Jim Salvia 40% Linen Wrap by Didymos

Jim Salvia 40% Linen is a wonderful lightweight summer wrap!

its very airy and thin, but because of the linen, its supportive and feels like a much thicker wrap on my shoulders.

it softened a lot after one wash and dry 🙂

The cotton threads in Salvia are a soft sage like green and the linen is a beautiful frozen waterfall blue.  The two colors together are so beautiful.  They shimmer ever so slightly as the wrap moves because of the way the wrap sometimes looks more green or blue to the eye.  It is the per fect color combination in my opinion.  Expect to see this on us a lot this summer.

Here is Jim Salvia with Auguri Gemelli Silk Ramie Nino

Jim salvia on top, AG silk-ramie nino in the middle, then Panama Hoppaditz on the bottom.

Panama hopp, Jim Salvia and AG nino with a Natural Mamas Exclusive girasol ringsling in the foreground.

Judah went up in salvia on the 4th of july, and even though she wasnt too happy about not being able to touch fireworks, she was comfy and the wrap was wonderfully breathable.

This wrap is a chameleon. It looks greener is some light. . .

and in some lights it looks bluer. 🙂 But in all light, it is stunning and beautiful.


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