Outside fun!


July started out with a beautiful Ann Arbor Babywearers meeting outside! I was tandem wearing Judah in a Bambaroo Mei Tai and an Earthy Rainbow ringsling over the top.

It made it really easy to nurse Zephyr while wearing Judah in the Mei Tai. I love wearing 2 kids! I know where they both are and I know my 2 year old isn't making trouble while I nurse my little 🙂 Plus, even on the side of the road, I can use the tail to keep covered.


The Joust fitness center cast a nice shdow for our oudoor meeting. It was a perfect day for it 🙂


Easycare Rainbow Ringsling and a sweet 3 week old babe. Ringsling by Sleeping Baby Productions.


Amitola Girasol Purple Weft

We have so many members who are expecting babies!! I am looking forward to more tiny babies to coo at 🙂

Jade Plum in a perfect rucksack carry. 🙂

I have been wrapping Judah to sleep almost every night. This is garnet linen pfau.

zombie arm 🙂

Tommy is now using a ringsling really well. Next is a wrap! He is learning so well.

Green Tea Old Weave Girasol in Robins Hip Carry.

Zara Earth. 🙂

Judah is wearing her babies a lot lately.

Judah has been a feisty 2 year old lately.




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