Family Reunion Weekend July 10th


The Morse Family Reunion was our first stop to eat and settle in.

We always have to bring our own food everywhere. I try my best to simulate what I think is going to be there, but in a form we can eat. This year the new cheese product Daiya, is making my life so much fun because now I can make Macaroni and cheese, taco salads, and cheesy potatoes in a much more convincing fashion. 🙂

Dommy is the highlight of the weekend whenever she is around 🙂

Then we headed over the the Clark Reunion in Byron. Just for a quick visit.

Clarks from near and far.

Cousins in the shade on a hot day.

This Clark came all the way from the northwest for our little reunion.

Then we went back to the Morse Reunion to cool off and hang out 🙂 Go Kyle!

Happy Girls

Catching little fish with a net. 🙂

Happy Daddy and a Happy Daughter!

My Mother in Law is a wonderful babywearer.

🙂 sweet sleeping face.

Our Hostess 🙂

Morse Men

Back at the pond. . . . .

Daddy found a little Painted Turtle

He was a sweet little friend for a while and all of the kids loved him. 🙂

We spent the evening with some friends lounging in their pool. It's quickly becoming a post reunion tradition 🙂

Vielchenblau Nino Ringsling by Sleeping Baby Productions.



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