Colorful Little Piles of Fabric

purple, top down left pile: Violet white pfau 5, violet white indio 6, latemeria fish 6, zara aubergine 4, and vatani valensole 6. next pile is from the top down, K/z cotton indio 4, Lila azzuro indio 6, Malawi fish 4, Geranium girasol 5 with fringe, jade royal 6, amitola purple weft 7.

Blue and Petrol: Kobalt-zimt 4, atlantic nino 7, zara infinity 6,jeansblau nino with signatures 3, babina's aires and aquarius, deep sea fish thick 6. Second Pile top down: Night rainbow 2, April Indio 7, pe thick fish 6, turquoise gray swallows 4, linen goldfish 6, jade deli le 3

pink: Carmin fish 2girasol romantique 6rose silk indio 6

Black and White : Ecru pfau 3, Black and White '07 pfau 4, black and white 2010 pfau 6, natibaby sweetplace with cashmere 6, and anthracite hemp indio 6 and 4 🙂

Brown and Natural bottom up left stack : Hopp La Paz 3, Zara earth 6, Old martin 2, SUT Chocco wide, Natty linen Swallows 6, Dolcino Samos 6bottom up right stack: Nati Poppies 6 (cotton), zara natural 4, colorgrown brown indio 6, natural silk nino 6, natty linen pre'02 7

Reds: Vintage Red Pfu 2, Mystery nino 5, Rosie ringsling, Rasta girasol 7, 2007 red pfau ooak, Garnet Linen pfau 6, Burgundy pfau 4, red/black indio 5

Fun we had making this post 🙂 Priceless. 🙂


One thought on “Colorful Little Piles of Fabric

  1. I found this post when I was searching for a picture of some wraps. This is a beautiful post and collection of wraps. I am just getting started wrapping with my last child(4th). I have missed out! And totally would have accumulated many wraps if I would have started earlier!

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