Summer Wearing in A2


Double Airplane daddy fun!

A super sweet surprise gift from a wonderful tbw mama up in Canada. this is a bonnet made from a Felice Girasol Exclusive.

Dino Wearing in Deep Sea Fish puppentuch.

I guess he was tandem wearing, now I see the monkey on his front. Lion is a handsome Devil!!

I've been wearing Judah to sleep every night lately. 🙂 I love the surge in our wearing time.

Ann Arbor Babywearers. The most fun day of the week.

Petrol-Honey Wool Fish

Easycare #1 by Sleeping Baby Productions



Didymos Ginkos

Miami Hoppaditz ringsling, and a gradation hand dyed Hemp Indio

Sometimes the meetings are really big. This one was also particularly hot and sticky!! thanks to everyone for showing up and helping each other in spite of the heat!

Peacock old weave girasol

Z loving on a sleepy Mira 🙂 Laurens Dyed Pamir is amazing!!!

Thanks to Joust Fitness Center and Thank you to all of my fellow leaders of Ann Arbor Babywearers!


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