July is Over!?! Already?!?


I guess that its just about as believable as the fact that Z is about to be 6 months old.


Did you ever wonder what to do when 2 children need mom both at the same time? It's a problem I've been solving with babywearing for years.

Sometimes at bedtime my big kid is wound up and running around, and it keeps my baby from being able to fall asleep. He's a goofy kid, what can I say. 🙂 This is a great solution for us. Check out the video in my new second album of instructional videos (linked in the new pic on the sidebar) that resulted in these photos. 🙂

Kissy Face!

Back Wrap Cross Carry is a great carry for playing arms out.

Lion is in love with the his special new gift from his friend. It is wood, and really very perfect since Lion just went to the Air Show with his daddy and fell in love with all things airplane. 🙂

This wrap the kids are hiding under is called Zara Infinity. It is the perfect soft jeans blue, and so soft and cuddly.

We officially have forward movement!

This months saturday meeting was an amazing experience. 🙂 We did a bit of lending library maintenance together.

Storchenwiege Bio Louise

I love the whole family feeling of the weekend meetings 🙂

My dear friend is recovering from being hit by a car on her bike pretty well! Its been over two months now and mobility is her biggest issue. Her hubby is a super helper. 🙂

When mamas show up and say their babies ages in days instead of weeks. 20 days. Squee!

I'm pretty sure this Kozy Mei Tai was one of the first carriers ever donated to Ann Arbor Babywearers.

We love to help each other. Front back side these kids need up! 🙂

Didymos paul for a first Back Carry in a wrap 🙂

We all always need help the first time, and at ann arbor babywearers there is tons of that!

Dolcino Mauritus

I think Lindsay picked up may camera and snagged this rare shot of kyle and I in the same pic!

Ergo Beauties 🙂

Zephyr spent half of the meeting like this 🙂 in our 2010 black and white pfau

Twins In a ruck with a Maya Lightly Padded ringsling over top 🙂

Olives and Applesauce Carrier 🙂

It's very versatile in how it can be worn.

Big kid fun! Care of The Indigo Forest!

This was beautiful, a mama needing breastfeeding help and a La Leche Legue leader found each other at our meeting yesterday 🙂 All three parties were thrilled with their encounter.

Her second ruck attempt was by herself, and shows wonderful ability dont you think?? 🙂

2 of my sweet boys in Jade Deli LE by Ellevill

new twins today on mom and grandma 🙂 So many b/g sets lately! I am in heaven!

First time wrapping. 🙂

Happy babies and happy parents are my goal!

I think Lion swiped my camera while I was cleaning up. Goofball. 🙂



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