Wrapping for Fun!

I have been so busy lately.  Writing new classes, taking pictures, making instructional videos, and advocating for babywearing all over, that it has been hard to keep up.  3 babies keeps me busy on top of all of that!  But, I love this blog and I’m so glad I have it to help me keep track of time as it passes too quickly.  Becoming a chapter of Babywearing International is a process.  Now I am officially a certified volunteer babywearing educator, the first major step.  I am very excited we are moving forward in this process.  I had a special celebratory wrap play date the other day and it was awesome, we are so excited to be VBE’s and soon, a chapter of the non profit organization Babywearing International!


Congrats to my friend, who is now officially a co-leader of Ann Arbor Babywearers, on becoming an certified Volunteer Babywearing Educator

She is a mom of 1 year old boy-girl twins


April Indio LOVE!

We celebrated her passing her exam with double wrap carnage. 🙂

Todays post brought to you by the letters W and P.

And the Number 1 🙂


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