After-Party at My Place!

These ladies didn’t drive all the way from Gennessee county for nuthin’!  After the meeting at The Indigo Forest, we all went back to my place and Geeked out on more wraps!  I don’t know how lauren managed not to get photographed.  Oh well, she was there. 🙂

We had a seriously great time!!!!

Leander Silk Waves

The Murphy's in Caribe Fish 🙂

Garnet Pfau is great for big kids 🙂

Or to contain big kids while you change bigger kids diapers/clothes 🙂

Nursing in Violet White Indio

Princess Teffer folding Malawi Fish.

Natural Pfau 3 on Murphy girls!

Rosenholtz linen indio Ringsling by Kaela Baby for a knock out killer 2 hour + nap 🙂

Zephyr napped in Lauren's Black fish. It felt amazing! Totally hardcore! It was thicker than my firefish and felt something like my malawi fish. thicker, but not thick like latemeria fish. A dream to wear to be sure. I love the flatter supportive weaves. 🙂


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