Caribe Linen Fish by Didymos

We have a new wrap in the house!  It is a size 4 Caribe Linen Fish by Didymos and we love it.  We are using it mostly for rucking all the children and the occasional front carry,  It is wide and kind of thick. But because of the fiber content (40% linen 60% cotton) it is airy when it’s on, and I’m liking it even in the hot weather. 🙂  It is just like my carmen fish in feel, and not as bouncy as latemeria fish, which i love in a long size.  I think that the linen and the width make this an ideal toddler-preschooler wrap even in single layer carries.  The color is so saturated and beautiful.  This first picture does it justice 🙂

We love it for all 3 of the children. Zephyr isnt much of a test for any wrap yet 🙂

But being comfy on the front with a lanky 2 yr old says a lot 🙂 It shines 🙂

Daddy Approves. See it mold to her? she was happy for a long time in there 🙂

So Special to cuddle Lion. This wrap is perfect for this task 🙂

He always asks to get down too soon 😦

Major Caribe Cuteness

What Ears? 🙂 (Don't worry mom, his hair will grow to cover them 🙂 )

Over all I’d say caribe fish is a great ruck wrap for bigger kids and a bit wide for older babies, but workable.  we are loving our 4 and planning on keeping it as a permanent part of the stash here. 🙂  It really earned it’s stripes!  (well, it’s fish I guess 😆 )


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