Sunday Fun With Spacemom3!! Wrappers Storm the Mall!

On Sunday we had a special little Ann Arbor Babywearers gathering at Briarwood Mall to meet up with or long time online friend spacemom3!  She was here with her beautiful family from France!  It was amazing to see her in real life as we have know eachother online for a long time 🙂 .   We all had so much fun with some really special wraps, and really special moms and babies! 🙂

We arrived in style 🙂

All 3 kids and daddy

Beautiful Ladies!

Kim came up to see us from Ohio, well really from France, but they were visiting friends in Ohio 🙂

This is a Bebina Starsign Aquarius, which is Zephyr's sign. 🙂

Kim showed me how to do a great new to me back carry called the 4R or Drs2s or Double rebozo with a shoulder to shoulder built in chest pass 🙂 She used my 2010 Black and White Pfau 🙂 I made a new instructional video 🙂 Do you Like the new link on the side?

She brought her beautiful Egyptian cotton Pamir for us to try.

I forgot how fun a mall meetup is. 🙂 The looks we get!

They were such a beautiful family, 🙂 they had 2 more girls! 🙂 so 3 total 🙂

Snuggy Buggy in Didymos Dragons

Cool Trick!

Babywearing Twins, it seems like all the time! This time in 2 wraps, but Lindsay is up for any tandem babywearing combination. Viola Ellipses and Caribe Linen Fish both Didymos


Zephyr loves the DRS2S. 🙂 Thanks for coming Kim! Ann Arbor Loves You!!


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