Late Summer Fun at Ann Arbor Babywearers!

We have been filling our days over here with making videos about wrapping and wearing and teaching and having tons of Ann Arbor Babywearers meetings and meet-ups. I am working hard on making babywearing something everybody knows about and can try out with the baby in their life!

The two young men that help me with the kids are becoming babywearing masters. Twan has the doll in Vatani Valensole and Tommy is learning to Front wrap cross carry in Dolcino Samos. 🙂

When you first wrap a baby, they often check you out really closely. They study your face, listen to your breathing and your voice and take a minute to settle in to their new environment.

Tommy said he liked wrapping better than ringslings instantly.

teeny beautiful girl. 🙂

Big Girls goofing around in Black Fish by Didymos.

Mazzy is 7 years old 😛

She's working on helping me break in my natty linen stripped red/beige swallows. Thanks Mazzy!!!!!

Here is the Ann Arbor Babywearers Library Sakura Bloom Silk Champagne-Ginger. 🙂

Here I am sharing Kim's DRS2S 🙂 I love this awesome carry!

It really is a fun carry 😛

Starting out, The Moby Wrap can be great for snuggles 🙂

Dr. Mark Chapel-Lakin from Live Well Chiropractic Center has been visiting Ann Arbor Babywearers to help new moms with concerns they might have with their babies or themselves. He has been an awesome resource!


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