Ann Arbor Babywearers August 16th

We had a blast at our meeting as usual.  New mamas and experienced mamas together wearing their babies, its the greatest feeling!

Earthy Rainbow Girasol made into a Ringsling by Kalea Baby. 🙂

A bambaroo and a dolcino wrap.

Moby D for a comfy cuddle.

Awesome Ruck In Peacock Girasol

beautiful group that day, I am always in awe of how we help each other

Dyed Tussah Silk Fish

DIY Cotton Linen Blend. Dyed by Lindsay and modeled by Leslie

Snuggled happy in Ginkos by Didymos

I love watching ladies that have fond carriers that they are comfy in, shop together on my ipad

Our special friend from Kalamazoo, paying us one more visit before she moves. We will miss her so much!

Mira and Barb had a rare and sweet nap together in Lauren's Petrol/ecru Fish (thin version)

We had such a special time together, 2 Rebecca's, wrappin' our babes!



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